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A Unique Charity Event in NYC


We will be celebrating Art, Fashion & Music in benefit of “Fashion is Hope” fundraising hopes to help those battling cancer in Venezuela with Alejandra Avendano fundraising and to raise funds for earthquake relief in Puerto Rico.

February 5th to 7th 2020



Hope Latino Fashion Week will be celebrating Art, Fashion, & Music in benefit of “Fashion is Hope” fundraising ,hopes to help those battling cancer in Venezuela and to raise funds for earthquake relief in Puerto Rico. Hope Latino Fashion Week is the official platform that gives designers, artists & performers the opportunity to present the work of the talented artists from Latin American countries within the fashion, art, and music industries, nationally & internationally.  Our foundation is based on the values that “Fashion is Hope” and that can be used to help those affected with cancer in Latin America. With your support, we would be reaching our goals in helping provide a better future to those affected with this disease. Therefore, we extend this invitation to you, and hope you can buy a t shirt, or donate to the children in Venezuela or people in Puerto Rico. You can participate in a silent auction of dresses donated by designers, Vero Diaz Mexico, Henry Picado Costa Rica and Belkola Vasquez Dominica Republic.  You can make your donation, and place your name and email phone to contact you, you can make the donation by, with your credit card, or pay pall. and www.hopelatinofashionweek.com and the  Shop store

Nonprofit foundation in venezuela that helps children with cancer, poor, of yaracuy and a small town in venezuela, giving children food and medicine, because for the problem of venezuela, resources do not reach that town, and Children die in Venezuela due to lack of medicines and food.




If you want to help and make a donation, or participate in the auction please: Enter the store and buy a t-shirt or a bracelet and save a life

For Venezuela

For Puerto Rico

“Gregory By Design Inc” and “The Cancer Fighters Inc”

we are very grateful for the great support of New York and especially the Harlem community in this event, we collected 400 toys and had the assistance of 300 children, we thank our sponsors: governors, organizations, politicians, and businesses in general. Special thanks to the press and radio to announce our event in so many different programs. Our very special gratitude to the Harlem community center and our Dominican and Colombian friends for their great support.

“We will continue our effort with the fight against Cancer and helping those in most need. The toys that we have left will be donated to the children’s hospital in New York. To bring a smile 😀. And we will use fashion to achieve our purpose because as our motto states: “Fashion is Hope”.


Harlem Community Center
Hope Latino Fashion week
Lino Press NY
Diputado Ruben Luna (Diputado relaciones exteriores República Dominicana and Media Producer Carnaval de Barranquilla USA)
Anthony Photography
Elizabeth & talents
Jakez Producers
Westbury Florists
Mr Fighter 2018

“DIA DE REYES 2019” JAN. 6 2019
Together with The Cancer Fighters Inc. we would like to invite the Harlem community to put a smile in a child by participating in our “Día de Reyes” event:


“Fashion is hope”- Gregory Flores

Place: Harlem Community center 228 E 125 street, New York NY at 3:00 PM .
Thank you to: Carnaval De Barranquilla New York USA, Centro Cultural Colombiano Internacional and all the sponsors on this “Día De Reyes” and LIFE!!