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FW /20
New York

Hope Latino Fashion Week is the official platform that gives designers, artists & performers the opportunity to present the work of the talented artists from Latin american countries within the fashion, art and music industries, nationally & internationally. Our foundation is based on the values that “Fashion is Hope” and that can be used to help those affected with cancer in Latin America. With your support as press, nationally & internationally, we would be reaching our goals in helping provide a better future to those affected with this disease.
Fashion with a sense of hope for the city of New York. Three days of showcase: Designers, Fashionistas, and Models from all over the world will meet in the City of Fashion to celebrate it on a large scale. Press conferences, two days of the festival and runway.
This year our event will be dedicated to the fight against Cancer. HOPE LATINO FASHION WEEK influences the presence of the international Press, tourism, and sponsors that push forward the economic strength to the city.

RUNWAY SHOW 03/07/20

Verox_ Diaz

Presents her collection, inspired by the 70s, to the romantic, feminine and innovative woman of today.


Presents a different and innovative runway, with dancer, and avant-garde dresses, that tells us the story in the city of New York

Giannina Azar

He presents a collection, inspired by studio 54 full of brilliant and spectacular light, and thus closing our fashion week with these spectacular designers and celebrating life with a cause to help Venezuela and Puerto Rico, thanks New York for your presence in our events .


The first time she presents her collection in NYFW, on this HLFW platform With an explosion of metallic color, where the past is reflected in the beauty of women, modern today, Mexican fashion in New York


NYFW HOPELATINOFASHIONWEEK FW/20 runway shows 03/06/20

Continuing the exhibition of the works of art of the Celestino Ortiz Pintor Puerto Rico, and presentation of two of our fabulous guest designers, Belkola Vasquez of the Dominican Republic with an avant-garde collection, Volume 2 and Este & Chlo by Henry Picado with the collaboration of the designer Randy Luna in the accessories. Presented an Ecletica collection inspired by the old days of Hollywood

Belkola Vasquez the Capsule Collections FW/20

Belkola was present at Hope Latino fashion Week FW/20 at New York fashion week FW/20 with his collection Vol. 2, inspired by the majestic works of architect Zaha Hadid.
The Capsule Vol. 2 collection, like its predecessor, shows a structured silhouette through the combination of lightweight fabrics with overlapping modern and metallic elements, to create sublime textures that simulate movement over the silhouette


Este & Chlo by Henry Picado

Every piece the in the collections Este and Chlo by Henry Picado.
Is designed with the perfect silhouette for today’s woman, inspired in year the gold in Hollywood, and each design is a work of art. For men’s with the accessories in leather combination the past and present designer by Randy luna, in combination Puerto Rico and Costa Rica fabulous combination for the best collections.
Second Day Team Production Hope Latino Fashion Week FW/20
General Production: Gregory Peñaloza and Gglobal production
General Assistant: Priscillas Lajara
Assistant production: Osaliki production
Hair: Bellisima doll salon
Makeup :Gina and Kelly Agency art make of New York
Fotografía : Director Jesús Gil
Assistant : Max Flores
Vídeo: Director Jordan Cortes
Assistant: Chris Giraldo
Director backstage: Rey clemente
Assistant: Dayana Martinez

Day one
Press conference 05/20

Day one the press conference, It gives our artists and designers the opportunity to talk about their collections and countries that they represent in a food festival and designers from all over Latin America, with the assistance of the national and international press, giving journalists the opportunity to meet the designers and be able to write about them, and see part of their collections

Opening the gallery show by the plastic artist Celestino Ortiz Nieves presented 25 attached works and 15 portraits of different personalities of the artistic and political life of Latin America.–

Thanks to our sponsors

Thanks to our sponsors who made this life celebration event possible, fashion is hope. Where fashion hope, and we try to give another face to fashion using it, to help other foundations, with the help of our sponsors, and making this beautiful Latin American festival, with the participation of different Latin American and American food companies in the NYFW Hope Latino Fashion Week FW/20 en New York, god bless our sponsors




Fashion with a sense of hope for the city of New York. Three days of showcase: Designers, Fashionistas, and Models from all over the world will meet in the City of Fashion to celebrate it on a large scale. Press conferences, two days of the festival and runway.

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